te editions is an independent publishing house based in New York and Beijing that explores the intersection of the arts and humanities. We examine the historical and contemporary social landscape through a diversified and microscopic lens, focusing on how the cultures encounter, collapse and transform each other within the global cultural flow. Driven by "curatorial thinking on paper" in our editorial approach, we hope to stimulate new discussions informed by a genuinely interdisciplinary perspective.    

te editions started out with the annual bilingual publication te magazine — each issue takes inspiration from the current moment, generates a theme best encapsulating the thinking sparked by that moment, and invites researchers and creators from different fields to share their work around it. We work with artists, scholars, communities, and cultural organizations to expand on existing projects as well as to envision new ones, which, we believe, will sustain and enrich the production of physical publications to which we remain committed.

te editions 是一个活跃于纽约与北京的出版团体,旨在探索艺术与人文学科交汇的多种可能。我们以多元、微观的视角观察历史与当代社会图景,关注文化流动中的融合、碰撞和转变,并以“纸上策展”为编辑理念,将跨学科的视角融入研究与实践,激发新的讨论。

te editions 始于独立双语年刊《te magazine》,刊物的每一期由当下经验触发,邀请不同领域的研究者与创作者围绕一个主题分享他们的思考和实践。此外,te editions 与艺术家、学者、社会团体及文化机构合作,深度探究正在进行的创作项目,并共同耕耘实体出版物。

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